Twitterverse Dynasty

Connecting to the dynasty universe is what I love to do.  Connecting to the twitterverse helps me do it.  So, why not a Twitterverse Dynasty column that combines the two and allows me to answer some twitter questions on the site?  Doing this allows me more space to explain my answers on twitter too, so let’s get right to it;

We’ll start with @BuddhaLombardi who asked two questions recently…

The short answer is David Johnson.  Adrian Peterson has had a historic fantasy career, no doubt about it.  But in keeper or dynasty, right now, David Johnson has much more value.  Peterson will be elite for another couple of years at most.  While Johnson has certainly not proven himself as dependable as Peterson is, he’s shown too much to just cast him aside for a 30 year old back, even one as awesome as AP.

This one is a bit more difficult.  Jones and Hopkins are considered pretty much two of the top dynasty WRs in the league outside of ABrown and OBJ.  I’m thinking Hopkins here because he has proven to be QB proof, recently continuing a high level of fantasy play despite an awful QB situation.  Jones has also been a bit more injury prone and is older by a smidge.  Really, either way you can’t go wrong, but I’d tilt towards Hopkins on this one.

@Joeballz69 wanted some insight into who to pick in a dynasty startup:

Really, once again you’re not going to go wrong with any of these.  It’s really a matter of perspective.  Evans has not even reached his full potential but has already broken records in the league and is building a connection with Jameis Winston.  Plus he’ll be around for about 4 to 5 years longer than Johnson or Elliott, so if you like to stock young elite WRs Evans is your guy.  Johnson and Elliott are both excellent choices too.  At least Johnson has proven something in the league so far, which you can’t say for Elliott, who is going high in all leagues on potential only.  That said there is no reason not to think he won’t succeed in Dallas, so he’s certainly a good bet.  So, anyway you go here is ok, if you want to go RB heavy I would take Johnson, then Elliott.  If you like what WRs bring to the table, take Evans and you’ll be just fine.

Finally we have some trade advice for @ChangeThePadres:

From a dynasty perspective, depth is just as important as talent, so if you get a chance for 4 quality players and a pick you take it.  Julio and Bortles are great, no doubt about it, but Freeman, Winston, Matthews makes up almost half of your starting team, then you get mitchell and a first down the road?  There’s no doubt in my mind on this one.  Btw, in 2018 you’re going to be giddy with excitement when you have an extra first rounder to choose.

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