Twitter Poll Dynasty: Undrafted Rookie LB Edition

A Twitter Poll is a powerful new way to find out what the people are thinking about a particular subject. If you poll question is crafted well, the answer can provide some unique information about what the dynasty community is thinking about for the subject at hand. I’ll be doing more of these and talking about the results. In this edition we’re talking about rookie LBs not being drafted in the top 60 ADP. Here’s the poll:

So, We’re only talking 13 votes here but it does tell the story I expected to see.  All four of these LBs are not likely to begin the 2016 season as a starter.  All of them could finish the year as starters though.

Joshua Perry makes sense to win the poll.  He was drafted the highest, has the best athleticism and pedigree coming from Ohio State.  What’s interesting is that Blake Martinez and Scooby Wright wasn’t too far behind him.

Blake Martinez is a very sneaky pick-up.  Green Bay drafted him to fight for a position as an inside linebacker and while he may start in sub-packages to begin the year, it’s highly expected for him to earn more time as the year progresses.  He has the athleticism to play all three downs and GB ILBs have proven to be productive in the past.

Scooby Wright is much more known and talked about though with his lack of athleticism it’s very hard to predict him being successful in the NFL.  That said, he’s with Cleveland and it’s entirely possible he sees the field his rookie year.  Not a bad undrafted pick up to hold if you have the space for him.

Antonio Morrison is the most interesting choice here.  He’s got the pedigree, he’s from Florida.  He’s very athletic but he bombed his pro day because he had a staf infection and was in the hospital just days before and refused to not perform.  So, most people take it at face value that he’s not athletic but it’s a misperception.  Getting no votes here shows me people are underestimating him, he is a definite buy in my book to hold and see if he takes over in the middle sometime this year.

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