Twitter Poll Dynasty – Top Rookie WR Edition

A Twitter Poll is a powerful new way to find out what the people are thinking about a particular subject. If you poll question is crafted well, the answer can provide some unique information about what the dynasty community is thinking about for the subject at hand. I’ll be doing more of these and talking about the results. In this edition we’re talking about the top rookie WR coming out in the 2017 draft:

It’s early in the evaluation process but it’s clear that the majority of people feel that either Corey Davis or Mike Williams will be the cream of the crop.  Corey Davis received 52% of the vote in this poll, though it’s unclear how ready he is for the NFL coming from a smaller school with a simplified offense.  If he shows the kind of athleticism at the combine that we expect to see, he could certainly solidify his place.  Mike Williams shows some dominant traits and played for the national champion Clemson Tigers.  He made some thrilling catches in the champ game and showed that he can do that against elite competition.  If he’s not #1 in this class, he is certainly 1A.

John Ross and Juju Smith-Schuster didn’t get many votes in this poll and that was a bit mystifying for me.  Ross and Juju are very good receivers that depending on where they go could evolve into elite NFL WRs.  For now, the node goes to Davis and Williams.  We’ll have to do this poll after the combine and after the draft to see if minds are changed during the process.

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