Twitter Poll Dynasty: Rookie TE Stash Edition

A Twitter Poll is a powerful new way to find out what the people are thinking about a particular subject. If you poll question is crafted well, the answer can provide some unique information about what the dynasty community is thinking about for the subject at hand. I’ll be doing more of these and talking about the results.  In this edition we’re talking about rookie TE stashes.  Here’s the questions:

As you can see Jerell Adams from the Giants won this poll but it wasn’t a landslide.  The winner only received 42% of the vote.  Ben Braunecker was in 2nd with 26% and Seth DeValve and Rico Gathers both finish with 17% or less of the vote.

It makes sense to a certain degree that Jerell Adams is the winner of this poll.  He is the highest drafted in this poll, though only in the 6th round.  He has plus athleticism and goes to a team that is known for taking no name TE’s and making them fantasy relevant.

What is surprising here is that Braunecker came in second with over a quarter of the vote.  Braunecker’s reputation in the dynasty community is obviously growing.  He’s a UDFA from Harvard and though he doesn’t fall into what I would call a great situation, there is more there than meets the eye.  First, John Fox’s offense has historically been pretty good for TE’s.  Julius Thomas is the obvious example but even in Carolina he had Jeremy Shockey.  Zach Miller is 32 and having been out of the league recently is not exactly solid as the starter.  Of course, a lot of targets will go to Alshon Jeffrey and Kevin White this year, but if Braunecker sticks on the roster he is a small, athletic move-type TE that will split the seam pretty well.  While he’s still a UDFA and training camp hasn’t even begun, it’s hard to peg him for the roster yet let alone being fantasy relevant any time soon.  Though as dynasty followers have taken notice, he’s definitely worth keeping an eye on.

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