Twitter Poll Dynasty – Joe Mixon Edition

A Twitter Poll is a powerful new way to find out what the people are thinking about a particular subject. If you poll question is crafted well, the answer can provide some unique information about what the dynasty community is thinking about for the subject at hand. I’ll be doing many of these and talking about the results. In this edition we’re talking about the controversial RB Joe Mixon:

If you’re not up on Joe Mixon’s situation, here’s the scoop.  In 2014, as a freshman at Oklahoma, Mixon hit his girlfriend and was charged with a misdemeanor.  He was suspended from the team for a year and red-shirted.  He came back and played his red-shirt freshman and sophomore years.  He gained 1,812 yards from scrimmage his sophomore year with 15 TDs, displaying first round RB quality tendencies.  During his sophomore year the video of his incident was released which created further uproar, and rightfully so.  Outraged citizens felt that the one year punishment, giving him a red-shirt year but keeping his four years of eligibility and his scholarship intact as too lenient.  In a plea deal, a judge gave Mixon a one-year deferred sentence, 100 hours of community service and cognitive behavior counseling. His deferred sentence means that once he successfully completed probation, he won’t have a criminal conviction on his record. The video is below and I warn you, it is graphic.

Mixon declared for the draft after the 2016 season and is now draft eligible.  Due to this domestic violence in his past, he has not been invited to the combine but will participate in Oklahoma’s pro day.  Since it’s rumor season, there are plenty of coaches and scouts opining behind the veil of journalists that say he’s undraftable and most teams will not have him on their board.  While it only takes one team to take a chance on him, the consensus seams to be if he gets drafted at all it will be on the third day.  Given all of this information, which is widely known in the fantasy community, I asked the question above to see where dynasty fantasy football fans stood on Joe Mixon.

The result is that almost half of the 400 respondents said they would choose him in the first round of a five round rookie draft.  To an extent this surprises me but then again it doesn’t.  I too feel that his punishment was lenient and Bob Stoops himself has said if he did it again he would have come down harder on Mixon. The public certainly is not on his side.  He wasn’t invited to the combine and if he gets drafted it will be low. These are all huge knocks against him.  On the other side of the coin, he has received his cognitive behavior counseling, he accepted his punishment and for the last two years has shown contrition about the incident.  He’s done everything he’s been asked to do from the team and the court. He’s done nothing else wrong and seems to have learned from this mistake he made as an 18 year old freshman.  This poll seems to indicate dynasty fantasy football fans for the most part are able to look past this incident and be willing to buy on his talent, assuming nothing further happens off-the-field.  That is a risk for sure, but not a huge one given his two years after the incident of being a good citizen and accepting his punishment.

I’m going to do this poll again after the draft to see how sentiment changes and it will be interesting to see what happens once he is drafted.  My intuition is that if he does well at his pro-day and gets drafted into a good situation, this poll result will stand up.  We shall see!

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