Top Free Agent Offensive Moves in Dynasty


Free Agency is one of the best times of year for dynasty football fans.  You picked off an undervalued free agent in trades and waivers late last season as a buy and hold and then…poof…the player goes to a great situation and suddenly a quality player that was under-performing becomes fantasy relevant again.  Here’s a list, in order of value in my opinion, of free agent moves that occurred this off-season that could very well impact your roster if you held or picked up these players.

  1. DeMarco Murray, TEN RB – Murray owners rejoice!  Murray is a great fantasy back that was underutilized and unappreciated in Philly.  He moves to the Titans where he will be the #1 guy and get the bulk of the work on an offense that will most likely suprise some people this year.  He’s not going to duplicate what he did in Dallas, but he will be a top 5 candidate this year and for that he gets my top spot as the top FA move in Dynasty.
  2. Lamar Miller, HOU RB – Another underutilized and unappreciated back goes to a great situation.  Miller has long been expected to breakout but Miami’s dink and dunk offense under previous coach Joe Philben could never figure out how to use him correctly.  That won’t be a problem in Houston, although, I do still have some lingering concern that he doesn’t have the vision to be a top performing back.  That said, he’s a solid top 10 candidate in 2016.
  3. Marvin Jones, DET WR – Jones will not be the second coming of Calvin Johnson and my expectation is that the Detroit offense gets much more balanced now that Megatron is gone.  All of that said Jones falls into a great situation with a QB that isn’t afraid to sling the ball and will be looking for Jones often.  Top 10 is not out of the realm of possibility next season.  Certainly without injury he’ll find himself in the top 20.
  4. Chris Hogan, NEP WR – Everyone and their mother believe Hogan will be the next Welker, Edelman, Amendola.  And why not, Belichick has proven over an over he can take a small, shifty WR and be productive with him.  The risk here of course, is that Hogan has never really shown much and he ends up being more Amendola than Welker, but he’s certainly improved his fantasy standing with this move.
  5. Coby Fleener, NOS TE – Fleener moves to an excellent situation with an offense that has featured the TE position for many years.  Will he be the second coming of Jimmy Graham?  No, but he could be the first coming of what was expected for Coby Fleener for a long time.  Ben Watson 2015 numbers are reasonable to expect on the low side.
  6. Travis Benjamin, SD WR – Benjamin is another diminutive WR that only recently broke out in his last year in Cleveland.  There was no way Cleveland was going to pay him so he found himself a team that would.  He’s not going to be the primary target in San Diego but with Philip Rivers still at the helm and an offensive minded head coach, this is a great spot for a WR2/3
  7. Alfred Morris, DAL RB – Morris’ stats have declined every year since his rookie season, he’s playing alongside Darren McFadden, he’s slow and uninteresting.  All of these things are facts.  Another fact is that he’s playing behind the best O-line in the league in a one cut offense that suits his style of play.  A bounce back should be expected and for me it is.  The only question is, how high will he bounce?
  8. Brock Osweiler, HOU QB – Osweiler is not the best QB in the world and he may end up being a marginal fantasy starter at best, at least early on until he shows some development or gets benched all together.  He does, however, find himself in a great situation with a solid back behind him and a WR corps that is young up and coming.
  9. Robert Griffin III, CLE QB – He’ll have to compete with a rookie QB, maybe even a top pick, but RGIII could not have found a better situation for his skills than to be tutored by Hugh Jackson.  Jackson will get the most out of RGIII and will at least start him at the beginning of the season.  So, the only question becomes does he show enough to be fantasy relevant for the rest of his career, or does he prove to be inaccurate, injury prone and unable to go through progressions like a pro QB.  We shall see!
  10. Chase Daniel, PHI QB – Nobody knows what Chase Daniel has in terms of pro potential except for his coaches.  What we do know is that he’ll be competing behind an underwhelming former top pick that has injury concerns.  He’ll get his shot, it’s just a matter of what he can do with it.

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