Random Dynasty Football Thoughts

Sometimes it’s nice to just get things off of your chest. So, in no particular order, here are some random thoughts…dynasty style!

  • It’s really strange to consider that Von Miller and Derrick Henry are so much alike physically.  Both around 6’2″ or 6’3″, both around 247 lbs.  Miller is faster at 4.42 than Henry at 4.54.  I really wish those numbers were swapped.  Henry would be the next Adrian Peterson, but 30 lbs heavier if so. Would love to have that RB for the next decade.
  • Really Aqib.  If you think drinking and shooting go together, ask Plaxico Burress.
  • It’s interesting to note, btw, that the timing of Burress’ and Talib’s shooting mishaps both occurred after a Super Bowl win.  Burress’ was two off-seasons after, Talib’s one.   Not sure what that means, but it is interesting.
  • Nobody knows what to expect from Lamar Miller this year and that is keeping his ADP a bit low, currently at pick 26 or the 11th RB off the board in startups on MFL. Though I would say most expect he’s going to be utilized more than previously in Miami and as an under-utilized back last year he was the #6 RB in standard scoring and he’s 25 years old.  What exactly is there not to like here?
  • Do we really need an 18 month election cycle?  The election is 5 months away and I capitulated 6 months ago.  I’m done with it.
  • Corey Coleman, Josh Doctson and Laquan Treadwell are all going in the top 5 in rookie drafts this year.  Last season, Amari Cooper and Devante Parker went in the top 5 and the year before it was Sammy Watkins and Mike Evans.  Out of those 7 WRs, I would rank Coleman, Doctson and Treadwall last.  Probably in that order too.
  • Matt Jones the RB from Washington has the highest upside and the lowest downside combined of any RB coming into this season.  That said, given the lack of depth behind him and his focus on improving that I’ve read during the off-season, I believe he will finish in the top 10, barring injury.  And I’m not just saying that because I’m a University of Florida grad.
  • Speaking of Florida (the State, not the school), I took a road trip with the family this past weekend and learned this interesting fact…did you know that the closest relative to the manatee is the elephant?  Go figure.
  • This may seem obvious to some, but I’ll say it anyway.  Mark my words, next year’s RB class will be legendary.  Like on par with the QB class of 1983 legendary.  They won’t all go in the first round, but several will and the RB1 caliber backs could be, depending on who leaves early, 7 or 8 deep.  Plan accordingly.
  • Wanna sleeper RB from this year’s class? Daniel Lasco.  He’s got all of the athleticism you want and the size to be an RB1 and he falls into a great situation in NOS with oft injured Ingram and Spiller ahead of him.  He lacks vision and NFL quality instincts though, so he has a way to go, but in two years when Ingram’s contract runs out, if he does develop, he’s in the right hands with Sean Payton to succeed.
  • The NFL is tough, Bishop Sankey learned that.  I still think he can succeed in the NFL, but it’s not going to be in Tennessee.
  • Paul Posluszny is one of my all-time favorite IDP linebackers.  I drafted him as a rookie and have held him his entire career and though he has been injured several times, when he was on the field he produced double digit fantasy points most weeks.  It’s too bad Myles Jack will take over in 2017.  Long live the Poz!
  • If you’re a dreamer like me, go to FYI channel and check out the show My Floating Home.  Follows the building of house boats in the Pacific Northwest mostly.  Owning a house boat would be fun, until the first major storm of the winter.
  • Speaking of TV shows, I don’t know if Booze Traveler on the Travel Channel has been renewed for season three, but I hope to hell it has.  What a great combination of culture and debauchery.
  • Do you realize that last year Rashad Jones, the SS for the Dolphins scored 166 fantasy points in standard scoring?  That was good for the #1 IDP player last year and better than Demarius Thomas, Andrew Luck, Jarvis Landry (his WR teammate), Mark Ingram, Jeremy Hill and Greg Olsen among others.  Holy cow, he can’t do that again…can he?  Noooo.  Maybe?
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