Random Dynasty Football Thoughts – July Edition

Sometimes you just have to get things off of your chest.  In case you missed my last Random Thoughts and want to check it out, you can go here.  Here are some random thoughts on football and everything else, dynasty style…

  • Mo Wilkerson, Justin Tucker and Von Miller got their big pay days yesterday.  Alshon Jeffery and Kirk Cousins did not.  Don’t you think it’s quite possible that Kirk Cousins is one of the highest paid QBs next season?  I do, and I hope that’s the case considering he’s on two of my dynasty league teams!
  • My heart goes out to anyone affected by the terror in Nice, France yesterday.  There is just too much hate in the world, not enough love and understanding.
  • Human nature is completely understandable.  People often have motivations that defy logic to you and I but make perfect sense when you consider that humans very often give in to their instincts, which is the easy road, as opposed to work hard to control themselves.  Case in point, Karlos Williams.  Williams is a dynasty darling because he was a low-round draft pick who performed very well on the field as a rookie.  During the off-season his wife has been pregnant and he gained 20-25 pounds and was completely out of shape coming into OTAs because he “let himself go”.  Apparently, letting himself go included substance abuse as yesterday he was slapped with a 4 game suspension to begin the year.  And that folks, is how you submarine your dynasty value during the off-season.
  • Speaking of the Buffalo RB Corp, Jonathan Williams, Buffalo’s rookie RB out of Arkansas, was arresting Thursday morning for DWI.  While this is just poor judgement and in the long term he can recover, his dynasty impact is very much murkier than prior to Thursday.  With the Williams knuckleheads on the ropes in Buffalo, Mike Gillislee is the next man up.  There will be runs on Gillislee now to go get him but I would resist the urge, at least in thinner leagues.  Gillislee did well in spot duty last year but he’s a bit of a plodder and IMO is not a dynasty asset.  All of this bodes better for LeSean McCoy than anyone else.
  • I took a walk with my 13-year-old daughter yesterday, we were talking about new technology and we realized that in our lifetime, and when i’m old and gray (as opposed to young and gray now)  she would be able to buy a new car that she could program to have go pick me up at my house across town and bring me back to her house to visit, and then take me back again.  All unassisted by humans, save for programming the GPS.  Crazy.
  • DeAndre Smelter says he feels great and the ACL is good, he’s ready for training camp.  Thanks for that news DeAndre.  I’ll be sure to consider that for my dynasty roster when you are behind the likes of Torrey Smith, Quinton Patton and Bruce Ellington.
  • No players were selected in the NFL supplemental draft this year.  That blip on the radar I like to call the Josh Gordon special draft thingy.
  • I was watching CNN last night as they were reporting on the coup attempt in Turkey.  One talking head said, and i’m paraphrasing, “Turkey has had four coups in the past and they were done right, this one was not professional at all.”  And it made me think, do you earn professional status when you do a coup correctly?  Are there amateur coup teams?
  • Broncos.com’s Andrew Mason recently said he believed Virgil Green could “Shatter” his career highs.  Considering his career highs are 12 receptions, 173 yards and 1 TD, I believe Andrew Mason is really going out on a limb here.  Way to draw the line and take a stand Andrew!

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