Preseason Week 1 Dynasty Notes

The preseason can be a time when value is uncovered and dynasty valuations can swing wildly.  Ladarius Green is a great example.  Through the off-season he was a trendy pick to finally take off.  Now he’s beset by injuries and there is rumor that headaches may cause him to retire.  If you’re a gambling man you try to buy low on this info.  If you don’t like to gamble you stay far away from it.  Either way, his value is all over the place.

It’s always sad to see rookies go down before they even play a down.  Reggie Ragland was going to be IDP gold, the kind of LB that can be picked up in the third round of a rookie draft and start right away.  Now he’s hurt his knee and is out for the year, and worth no more than a speculative 4th or 5th as a stash for next year.  Zach Brown is scheduled to replace him but honestly he’s been in the league long enough that it’s hard for me to get excited about him.  Again, if you like to speculate he’s a low pickup now.

There are a couple of WRs that are making waves but not necessarily costing much these days.  Bruce Ellington in SF and Charles Johnson in Minnesota are high potential guys who have not hit it big yet but seem poised to take advantage of their current situations.  Ellington is a top 2 WR in San Fran and with Chip Kelly at the helm that could mean very good things.  In the meantime, Johnson caught a 49 yard bomb for a TD in the Vikings first preseason game and looks to be holding off Laquan Treadwell for now.  Both of these guys are mostly on the waiver wire so if you have a spot its not a bad idea to pick them up.  The market has yet to recognize their value coming into the season.

Finally, Zach Zenner had another solid preseason night last night, to go along with the stellar preseason he has last year.  If Zenner carves out a role he’s not going to be “the guy” but he may earn enough touches to be a RB 4/5 with potential for more as injuries take place.

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