Memorial Day

Memorial Day means a lot of things to a lot of people.  The unofficial beginning of summer, swimming pools, bbqs, family…but most of all it’s the day we recognize the sacrifices of our brothers and sisters, our fellow citizens, that makes this holiday possible.  It’s a solemn day for many families that have lost family members to both past and current wars.  I love fantasy football.  I love dynasty football even more, but a game is just a game.  Our freedom and the liberty we enjoy every day is possible due to the many people that protect us and protect our way of life, due to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice and many others who fight on.

On this humbling day I like to focus on what’s important, my family.  While I do this I recognize there are many families that are not together on this day because we have so many troops continuing to serve overseas.  That’s why we here at Dynasty Football Fan support Forgotten Soldiers Outreach.  This is an organization that is focused on sending care packages regularly to our troops.  Their mission is to “send monthly We Care packages full of encouragement and support to our United States Military serving overseas.  Our main focus is to reach those who receive little or no support from the home front.  WE aim to send that little bit of home to assure they are not forgotten.  We are committed to our U.S. servicemen and women in all world theaters, for as long as they are deployed.”  I’ve spent time volunteering for FSO and I can tell you first hand this organization has passion for what it does and a tremendous amount of joy in helping our service people.

Whether you use the link above to learn more about FSO, make a contribution, or remember loved ones in your family…take time to recognize the meaning behind Memorial Day.  Though it’s a solemn day, it’s also a day to enjoy our freedom.  So enjoy!

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