2017 Prospect Fact Sheets – Post-Draft Update

The 2017 Prospect Fact sheets gives you 261 pages of in-depth information from our Dynasty MetriX database. The Fact Sheets are included in the premium subscription to Dynasty Football Fan. Combines with our 2017 Dynasty Rookie Draft Guide and our unique DMX based rankings as well as our premium content, it’s quite a value at $24.99. 16% less then other sites, ton’s more valuable information!

The 2017 Prospect Fact Sheets represent the best of what the Dynasty MetriX database can provide for an individual prospect. Where the 2017 Dynasty Rookie Draft Guide is for your strategy, the 2017 Prospect Fact Sheets are your tactics. Combined in every page is basic information on every single quarterback, running back, wide receiver and tight end available in this draft.

When you look at each page, in the top left is basic prospect information and measurements. The final season statistics are in the top middle and dominator/decile ratings in the top right. The middle section is an entire buildup of our Dynasty MetriX starting with our raw scores at the bottom. Each level combines the information in a logical way using z-scores and at the top is the resulting Dynasty MetriX Score. Below that are some updated comments and a Decile Analysis table in order to compare the prospects DMX score to historic scores by decile. All of the quantitative data on each prospect in one place! Keep in mind in DMX scoring, positive is good and negative is bad. The more positive the better, the more negative the worse. A score above 1.00 is considered elite and a score below -1.00 is considered worst in class.

This guide gives you the details you are looking for on each prospect, at a much lower price than other prospect guides out there. When we combine our premium articles, unique rookie rankings, the 2017 Dynasty Rookie Draft Guide and the 2017 Prospect Fact Sheets at a combined low price of $9.99 for a limited time, not only is it the best value in the dynasty football world, it’s completely comprehensive.

Below is an example of one page of the 2017 Prospect Fact Sheet, we’ve created 261 of these in one PDF, one for each prospect at the QB, RB, WR & TE positions.

Key to Prospect Information:
Dynasty MetriX Score=Weighted combined ATH/DPOS/AWP score
DMX Score=Dynasty MetriX Score

ATH=Athleticism score which is weighted avg. of Spd, Agil, LP & Str
DPOS=Draft position score
AWP=Age weighted production from their last season in college

Dominator Rating=Individual yards/TDs gained vs Total team yards/TDs gained – In Percentage form
Decile=Each of ten equal groups into which a population can be divided. Represents where a prospects DMX score falls within historic ranking of position. Decile 1 = top 10%, Decile 10 = Bottom 10%

Speed=Z-score of Speed Score
Agility=Z-score of combined Shuttle & 3Cone
Power=Z-score of combined Vert & Broad
Strength=Z-score of Bench

Spd Scr=Raw Speed Score
Shuttle=Raw Shuttle Run time
3Cone= Raw 3 Cone drill time
Vert=Raw Vertical Jump
Broad=Raw Broad Jump
Bench=Bench Press reps
DPOS=Draft position (Pre-draft this is based on a 7-rd mock draft)
DR Yrds=Dominator Rating for yards

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