Dynasty Profile: D’Onta Foreman

D’Onta Foreman burst onto the scene in 2016 with a historic season on a bad Texas Longhorn team. He represented 36% of the yardage that Texas produced last year and 30% of the TDs. He finished with 2,103 yards from scrimmage and 15 TDs when his previous highs were 736 yards from scrimmage and 5 TDs. Despite being a one year wonder in college in watching film on Foreman it’s obvious he has a lot going for him as he heads to the NFL. He’s big yet relatively agile for his size. He’s no Le’Veon Bell in terms of the size/agility paradigm, but he’s not far behind either.

Film Study

I watched film with him against Notre Dame, TCU and Baylor. Here are the notes that I took as I watched:

  • Able to find the crease in traffic, good vision
  • Makes the most of every run, breaks tackles
  • Not a great blocker, will have to improve in the NFL if he wants to be a three down back
  • When he sees nothing left, he’ll find someone to hit
  • Low center of gravity and runs with good lean
  • Able to keep his balance when tackled low
  • Patient enough to follow the blocks even when they develop slowly, which sometimes gets him in trouble
  • Not used much as a pass catcher but looked good in passing drills at the combine

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Dynasty MetriX

Foreman was hurt at the combine and did not do most drills. He did do 18 reps on the bench press which put him at -0.37 on the strength scale. I hope he’s well enough to run drills at Texas’ pro day because the rest of his DMX score (What’s a DMX Score?) puts him in very good company. Right now he’s projected to go in the middle of the second round in the NFL draft and that combined with his ultra productive final season gives him a preliminary DMX Score of 1.22. This is a decile 1 quality score which puts him into the category where 72% of prospects succeed in the NFL according to our predictive model. The only RBs scoring higher in this draft class right now are Joe Mixon (including his pro day workout) and Christian McCaffrey. Again, better than expected for this class that looks at Mixon, McCaffrey, Dalvin Cook and Leonard Fournette as it’s top four RBs followed closely by Alvin Kamara.

Dynasty Bottom-line

With an initial DMX score of 1.22, if Foreman does anything positive at his pro-day he will improve on this score. Even if the score comes down a bit from here after the pro day, it’s clear that dynasty owners are currently undervaluing D’Onta Foreman. At this stage in the off-season, the other backs mentioned above are being drafted 5 to 6 slots higher than Foreman so if you pick him up late in the first round you may be getting a top of the draft quality player. Where he lands will be important but Foreman is a workhorse type back with the size to make a difference. I would compare him to Michael Turner after he arrived at the Falcons, but Foreman has a better pedigree coming out of school than Turner ever did.

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