Dynasty Impact: Zachary Orr Retires

In a perfect illustration of why it can be so hard to make fantasy football strategy decisions based on prevailing wisdom, the Baltimore Ravens announced on Friday that Zachary Orr was retiring from football.  Just hours before the announcement CBS analyst Jason La Canfora was reporting that the Ravens were about to sign him to a new contract.  So much for that.  As it turns out, after Orr injured his neck and sat out the final game, further tests revealed that he had a spinal condition that had not previously been diagnosed that would put Orr at risk of serious injury if he continued to play.

Orr is only 24 years old and was another Ossie Newsome undrafted special that the Ravens developed from special team core player to highly productive inside linebacker.  In standard scoring Orr was in the top 10 for IDP linebackers this season, despite missing one game.

Dynasty Impact:  Obviously, if you own Orr (as I do) you can safely drop him.  There is no way he risks his health and safety to continue playing and quite frankly that would be terrifying to see.  This opens up a fairly prime spot in the Ravens defense for IDP owners to keep an eye on.  They will have several options here from drafting a potential starter to free agency but I suspect that the first order of business would be to give Kamalei Correa a shot at it.  Orr and Correa had a spirited training camp battle in which Orr won but Correa was making waves early on and I have not seen any news that Baltimore is down on him.  Although Correa was being groomed for both outside and inside linebacker positions, with the unexpected retirement of Orr it’s entirely possible they shift Correa’s focus into the inside and let Albert McClellan stay outside where he started 11 games in 2016 and did a solid job.00

Really this is much to early to call, but Correa and McClellan should be monitored in the off-season as should this inside position to see who claims it.  whomever does has the potential to be a very viable IDP dynasty asset.

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