Dynasty Impact – Adrian Peterson and Marshawn Lynch

The News:

Just in the last couple of days Adrian Peterson was signed by the Saints and Marshawn Lynch was traded to the Raiders, coming out of a one-year retirement.

The Dynasty Winners:

Dynasty owners that held onto AP or Lynch (or both) as well as those with more auction money than your peers or first in the waiver line this fall. Seriously, both of these guys are in the downside of their careers, they are two of the biggest names in the past decade, no doubt about it, but they have lost a bit of luster in the past couple of years.

Peterson had an injury (and suspension) marred last couple of seasons in Minnesota and coming to New Orleans, where they traditionally have a RBBC and a clear starter in Mark Ingram doesn’t do him any favors. I mean, he’s rosterable for sure, but he’ll be out of the league in two years and will be sharing the load with Ingram, Tavaris Cadet and Daniel Lasco. How many productive RB1/2 days will have? Very few in my mind. He’ll have a role and if Ingram is injured that role may increase temporarily but I don’t see them relying on AP unless they absolutely have to and even then he’s nothing more than an RB2/3 in my mind.

Lynch has a better situation in Oakland where he will be the outright starter with DeAndre Washington and Jalen Richard as capable backups. I would not expect Lynch to carry the rock 25 times a game any longer, but 12-18 is reasonable with the other backs picking up the rest of the burden. While Lynch has more appeal than AP, that’s still not saying much. He’s on a two year deal and who knows when he may flake out and take off again. I think he’s a low end RB1 for a solid year barring injury, so don’t over pay for him as he won’t be around too long.

The Dynasty Losers:

Mark Ingram clearly is on notice with AP coming on. I don’t think AP cuts into his carries too much, and won’t cut into Ingram’s receptions much at all, but if Ingram doesn’t perform it’s entirely possible that AP gobbles up a few more carries than anticipated. In Oakland, any hope for Washington and Richard to breakout is gone, at least for this year. They are both low-round or UDFA backs so it’s entirely possible that the Raiders draft over them this year or next, in order to get prepped for Lynch’s departure.

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