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Dynasty football fantasy choices are hard. When drafting in veteran drafts you have to consider youth, upside, current production, coaching changes, strength of schedule and many other factors. There are times when it’s just plain tough to figure out which player to take at any given position between the two top available, let alone the best available among multiple positions. Have no fear, I’m here to help you with your decisions. Check out this comparison and consider which you would take given the opportunity.

This Guy NOT That Guy Comments
David Johnson > Ezekiel Elliott Let’s start at the top of the dynasty spectrum. Elliott is younger by 4 years but is having off the field maturity problems and his O-line is having some turnover. Johnson is a huge part of Arizona’s run and pass game and is squeaky clean. I’m taking Johnson
Mike Evans > Antonio Brown Evans may not score as many fantasy points this year but he’ll be doing it for much longer than Brown at this point and with a very stable coaching and QB situation. With Big Ben hinting at retirement and a potential out for Pitt of Brown’s huge contract in 2019, this tips to Evans
AJ Green > Michael Thomas I was surprised to see these guys next to each other in the ADP. Green is QB proof and still only 28. Thomas is much younger but he will outlive Drew Brees on the sidelines.
Kareem Hunt > Samaje Perine Hunt profiles better in my Dynasty MetriX prediction model and is the better athlete with better vision. They are going pretty close to each other in combined veteran/rookie drafts, I would take Hunt first.
Jamison Crowder > Julian Edelmen Crowder is not a WR1 but neither is Edelmen. Both are extraordinary slot men that are drafting pretty close to one another. Crowder is younger and less injured than Edelman has been lately. Plus with Cooks in the books in NE, I’m going with Crowder

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