Weekly Dynasty Football Impact Events – Week of May 15th

Here we are to talk about the events that impacted the dynasty football landscape this week.  Let’s get right to it:

Dion Jordan will be welcome back in Miami

Jordan is an absolute world class bust at this point.  Famously, Miami moved up to #3 in the draft to take him and he’s barely played in 3 years since he’s been drafted.  From a dynasty perspective, you want to know if he is committed to playing football and putting in the time and effort to succeed in the NFL.  If media reports indicate this is the case, once he’s reinstated he’s a great buy low DE candidate in deeper leagues.  He’s long and athletic in the Jason Taylor mode and while he will never live up to those expectations, he could be a solid DE in this defense if he works at it.

Terrelle Pryor Flashes at Browns OTAs

It’s easy to “flash” in no-pads during OTAs and Pryor was good at “flashing” last year (that didn’t come out right!).  Turning that into quality fantasy production is a whole other deal.  From a dynasty fantasy perspective, Pryor is continuing to grow and learn at WR and he has the athleticism to make his mark if he grows enough into the role to get on the field.  The WR depth chart is wide open in Cleveland, so he is another buy low candidate if he ends up near the top of the depth chart in Hue Jackson’s offense.

Jalen Ramsey Suffers Meniscus Tear

This just happened today so details are sketchy, but obviously this would be a huge disappointment for JAX after Donte Fowler went down for the season on the first day of camp last year.  From a dynasty football perspective, this doesn’t have a huge impact, unless you planned on taking him in rookie drafts, then you want to monitor the situation.

Greg Olsen Plans to play for a Number of Years

From a dynasty football perspective this is great news.  Although Olsen is 31, he indicates he does not plan to slow down anytime soon.  He’s a top 5 TE and should stay that way for another few years barring injury, so those that have him might as well keep him as at this point your probably not going to get someone to trade a lot for a 31 year old TE.  Even if it is an elite one.

Vic Beasley Moving to Strong Side Linebacker

This is a puzzling move.  Atlanta has struggled in their pass rush for several years and while Beasley will move around and certainly rush the passer on passing downs, this will probably lower his dynasty football value.  If he gets designated as a linebacker in your system rather than a defensive end, it’s hard to even keep him on the roster, though you probably paid too much for him to just drop him outright.

Sammy Watkins and Shaq Lawson undergo Surgery

Wow, what a blow for the Bills.  Watkins is said to be ready for week one but that is never a good feeling with a star coming off of an injury during training camp and the preseason.  At very least it means he might start the season slow.  Foot injuries and WRs do not mix well, so stay informed on this one if you have him on the roster.  Lawson has less of a dynasty football impact but it is no less interesting if you planned to pick him in rookie drafts.  As a 3-4 OLB his value would have been slight anyway, now he’s probably un-draftable.

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