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Comparing FantasyPros.com consensus expert ratings to MyFantasyLeague.com ADP rankings can be a great way to search for value in dynasty start up drafts.  No matter what your strategy is in your startup, finding value is going to be part of it!  So, looking at the experts vs. current ADP for keeper/dynasty on both sites, here are some values we see here at DFF:

Dez Bryant WR DAL, ADP 12, Experts 6 – Right off the top there is value!  This makes a lot of sense actually, Dez was miserable last year in fantasy due to his injury and Tony Romo’s, so the “what have you done for me lately” syndrome is kicking in here.  Don’t succumb to it!  Pick Bryant anywhere in the second half of the first round and you’ll feel like a champ.  At 27 he’s not even close to slowing down and Romo is expected to be healthy again.

Demaryius Thomas WR DEN, ADP 25, Experts 16 – Another elite WR not being given credit.  Yes, Thomas has a horrible QB situation but so do a lot of elite WRs that produce in this league.  QB problems don’t last forever and at 28 Thomas still has plenty of gas in the tank, grab him around the 25th pick and don’t think twice about it.

Mark Ingram RB NO, ADP 47, Experts 36 – Mark Ingram is always undervalued.  He started his career with a face-plant, no doubt about it, but he’s been very good in the last two years when on the field (he has missed several games).  I would take him in the 5th round no problem.  Considering his competition has only weakened over the last two years and CJ Spiller is a ghost of his former self, Ingram is a shoe in for the top 20 in fantasy production and if he stays healthy could be top 10 in 2016.

Greg Olsen TE CAR, ADP 73, Experts 55 – Olsen is as solid as a rock.  He was their number one target last season and will no doubt have to share the rock with Kelvin Benjamin this season but will still be heavily targeted.  Cam Newton is developing into an elite QB at this stage in his career and this season he will have the weapons around him to get even better passing stats out of this offense.  Olsen will get his share, don’t you worry about it.

Demarco Murray RB TEN, ADP 76, Experts 58 – Murray was stuck in the Chip Kelly vortex last season, there is no doubt about it.  Murray took the payday moving from Dallas to Philly and put himself in an awful situation.  That however, is water under the bridge.  Murray was picked up by the Titans during the off season and there is absolutely nobody on that roster that is going to cut into his playing time.  He’s a steal in the 8th round, he’s got top 10 potential in the developing Titan’s offense.



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