About DFF

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Now, a bit about me. I built this site 10 years ago and have slowly (sometimes VERY slowly) built it to what it is today. I fell in love with dynasty style fantasy football early in the 2000’s when I was getting bored by my annual redraft leagues. I wanted something closer to a true owners experience and so I started my own league in 2003 with my friends (which is still running strong today, 16 years later). There were not many system that can handle dynasty so I created spreadsheets and scrapped NFL stats data off of websites to run the league. Gratefully, I now longer have to do that! There are not a ton of people out there that have been doing dynasty style football as long as I have.

My joy with football began when I was seven years old and my family began to take me to Dolphin games. My family had season tickets from the inception of the team in 1966 through the 2000’s. I’ve seen my share of NFL football. While in college I had the privilege to find work in the video department of the Florida Gator football team and spent four seasons there breaking down game tape and making cut-ups, filming practice and traveling with the team to film games. That all-22 game film you’ve heard of? I was filming that. After graduation I became a professional and spent two seasons as the Oregon Ducks video assistant basically in the same capacity.

These days I take those skills and apply them to this site, studying film, evaluating players and creating cool tools like our 2017 Dynasty Rookie Draft Guide and the 2017 Prospect Fact Sheets. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!