2019 Dynasty Off-season Begins

Special Note: This year I have a special offer. Anyone who refers three friends who purchase the 2019 Dynasty Rookie Draft Guide will get their draft guide for free. I have a small and mighty following and am looking to grow and develop a larger following through word-of-mouth. If you haven’t checked out the draft guide yet, here is the original 2017 version 3 of our Dynasty Rookie Draft Guide for your to review. See for yourself how much great information there is.

Hello and welcome to the dynasty football off-season. This Monday is the deadline for undergraduates to declare for the NFL draft. Once I know all of the draft eligible players, the development of the 2019 Dynasty Rookie Draft Guide will begin. From January to April I am updating the Dynasty MetriX database, gathering all of the data for the current crop of rookies and preparing the documentation. As I do I will be writing about the process on my blog and I will let you know when version 1 is available.

  • Version 1 is typically after the scouting combine which is being held between February 26th and March 4th this year.
  • Then version 2 will include all of the pro-day information just prior to the draft which is between April 25th and 27th this year.
  • Then version 3 will be available just after the draft with all of the completed information we have on rookies, so you can start your May dynasty drafts with the best information available in the dynasty universe!

I built my Dynasty MetriX database for my own use two off-seasons ago and what a difference it has made. This year I won my league after two years of drafting using the draft guide and these principles that I have developed. In those two drafts I picked up the following rookies:


  • D’Onta Foreman – Picked him up in the early second after trading out of the first round. Unfortunate major injury has reduced his production early, though he has come back and I continue to have high hopes for this sneaky Decile 1 RB.
  • Juju Smith-Schuster – Picked him up in the third round when most thought he’d be third fiddle in Pittsburgh. This decile 2 WR stood out for me in the 3rd, when he didn’t for others and I have reaped the benefits for 2 years now.
  • Gerald Everett – 4th rounder with Decile 1 profile who is coming into his own
  • Chris Carson – 4th rounder and Decile 6 back in good situation who I traded for a 1st round pick in 2019 draft


  • Kerryon Johnson – 7th pick in the first round, looks to be a consistent all around player and solid addition to backfield
  • Anthony Miller – 2nd round pick for a decile 1 WR, Had a solid rookie year in developing offense
  • Michael Gallup – Trade – 2nd round pick for a decile 2 WR. Will be WR2 in Dallas for a few years, but should develop to WR1 over time.
  • Josh Allen – 3rd round pick for decile 1 QB. Really came on at the end and while he’s an atypical passer, his running and leadership is off the charts and seems like he could be a better fantasy QB than NFL one.
  • DJ Chark – Trade – 3th round pick for decile 1 WR. bad QB and injuries derailed him but he’s a long term play, best athlete at his position on JAX.
  • Antonio Callaway – Trade – 3rd round pick for decile 3 WR. Callaway has real potential and getting him in the third round was too much to pass up. Love the thought of him and Mayfield growing together.

These are all players I believe are viable long term holds (save for Carson whom I’ve already traded for a 1st rounder). That’s 9 quality rookies in 2 years, 6 decile 1 players, 2 decile 2 players, a decile 3 and a decile 6 player that I traded for a 1st round pick.

When you consider the Dynasty MetriX database also helped me identify Aaron Jones and Tyler Lockett in free agency last year and Curtis Samuel in free agency this year, the depth of my team is tremendous. These players and my core veterans of Cam Newton, Kirk Cousins, Mike Evans, Devonta Freeman and Zach Ertz put me over the top this year and sets me up with one of the youngest AND most productive teams in my league for years to come.

You can have this too, by buying into they Dynasty MetriX revolution and purchasing the 2019 Dynasty Rookie Draft Guide. If you haven’t checked out the guide yet, here’s the original 2017 version 3 of our Dynasty Rookie Draft Guide for your to review. See for yourself how much great information there is.

In it I highlight how great Christian McCaffrey could be, the risk with picking Dalvin Cook and Leonard Fournette, I highlight Zay Jones and Curtis Samuel as decile 1 WRs that were being drafted low, I discuss the potential historic nature of the TE class with a deep set of decile 1 players and I highlight Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson as the two best QBs in the class. Two years later and while I’m not batting 1.000, That guide was chock full of information that helped me gain the edge in depth that put me over the top this year.

Check out my blog as the off-season continues, look for another mailer when version 1 is ready, enjoy the NFL playoffs and have a great dynasty off-season!

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