2017 Post Draft Clein 60 – Dynasty Rookie Tiers

It’s dynasty rookie drafting season and what better way to kick it off with our third annual Clein 60 rookie tiers. Rookie tiers are perfect right after the NFL Draft. For dynasty leaguers, the days after the NFL draft are filled with excitement and potential. Rookie drafts start to happen, trades ramp up angling to hit a certain spot so you can nab that player, all sorts of fun happens in May. My rookie ranking list based on tiers is specifically geared towards dynasty league value. I choose tiers here because value is fluid as players progress towards training camp, preseason and their rookie season. I choose 60 players as most rookie leagues have no more than 5 round rookie drafts and 60 players should cover it. Beyond that they are pretty much all reaches anyway.

Last year we had only three elite players in tier 1. This year tier 1 is bigger and tier 2 & 3 are too for that matter. This year’s offensive prospects are deep and you will find yourself finding starting quality dynasty players deep into the third round this year, if you pick wisely. The Running back draw this year is deeper than the the wide receiver draw. The tight end draw is deeper than both of them! Combine that with a deep IDP draw this year with safety, edge rushers and linebackers with a good amount of depth and you should be stacking as many rookie picks as you can affordably get a hold on.  This year we’ve added our new Dynasty MetriX (DMX) score to the grid. You can read up on what this score means here and if you’re interested check out our 2017 Dynasty Rookie Draft Guide. It’s 28 pages of detailed rookie information, strategy and insight for the upcoming dynasty rookie drafting season.

Scoring takes into account:

typical offensive scoring without consideration to PPR (so you could move some WRs and receiving RBs up in certain instances to account for PPR)
IDP considers individual positions separately (DT, DE, S, CB, LB)
Assumes 12-team leagues






Tier 1 – Elite Dynasty Prospects

1 Christian McCaffrey RB 1.78 Carolina is the perfect place to utilize his skills creatively. He’s the top RB on my board, Fournette & Cook are more traditional, McCaffrey is just plain better than them.
2 Corey Davis WR 1.09 It was a surprise to see Davis go at #5, but he goes to the Titans that need help at WR and will be a WR1 from the start, though he will need time to develop for sure.
3 Leonard Fournette RB 0.85 While his DMX score does not show it, Fournette will be an RB1 out of the gate and unless he pulls a Todd Gurley (which IS possible), he will be worth drafting top 5.
4 Dalvin Cook RB 1.12 Cook went to an RB needy team so he will be utilized. How successful he can be is up to debate, but the opportunity is there no doubt about it.
5 Mike Williams WR 0.98 Williams also went to a perfect place IMO. With talent around him he won’t be pressured to be #1 and the Chargers will use his vertical skills well.
6 O.J. Howard TE 1.34 Landing in Tampa was the perfect place for Howard. Great young QB, great WRs around him, he will thrive in an in-line TE role.

Tier 2 – Elite Upside with Risk

7 John Ross WR 1.32 Ross is notched down because of AJ Green being on the other side of the field. Like Will Fuller last year, is upside is capped while that is the case.
8 Evan Engram TE 1.69 Engram will be capped in NYG only by the talent around him. There may not be enough targets around to make him elite, but also, there could be in time.
9 Joe Mixon RB 1.37 The risk is obvious, so is the talent. Mixon will not start right away but he will be by the end of the season. This is his backfield to lose.
10 David Njoku TE 1.59 The risk here is only poor talent surrounding him. I have no doubt he will be the focus of this offense as soon as possible and once they get a QB…If they get a QB!
11 D’Onta Foreman RB 1.24 Foreman will back up Lamar Miller for a year or two but this is a huge indictment of Miller and if he’s injured again, Foreman could run away with it. Great landing spot!
12 Zay Jones WR 1.49 Jones goes to no-man’s land for WR2s, but who knows, that could change under McDermott. His potential is highlighted by his DMX score, he can be an elite slot WR.
13 Patrick Mahomes QB 1.52 Mahomes goes to a great situation and while he won’t start this year, if he’s the starter in 2018 I think he’s the best QB in this bunch.
14 Deshaun Watson QB 1.39 Watson also fell to a great location and the Texans will have him on the field as soon as humanly possible. What he does with it is in question, but he’ll see the field in 2017.
15 Mitchell Trubisky QB 1.11 Trubisky will sit behind Mike Glennon until the Bears are out of the playoffs, he also has a lot to learn but the prospects in Chicago are decent. They need a better WR corps
16 Curtis Samuel WR 1.39 Love Samuel going to Carolina. Huge need for his skills there and I think they will use him in multiple ways. 1,000 yards rushing/receiving not out of question for him as a vet

Tier 3 – Starter Upside but Imperfect Situation and Elite IDPs

17 Chris Godwin WR 0.96 Godwin’s upside is capped by Mike Evans of course, but he will be WR2 sooner or later, which as Vincent Jackson showed, is not too bad in this offense.
18 JuJu Smith-Schuster WR 0.83 With Bryant back it’s a bit crowded in Pittsburgh but Juju will be a solid WR2/3 there. I don’t see his skills translating to anything more than that, no matter what tm he’s on.
19 Alvin Kamara RB 0.77 Kamara is stuck behind AP, Ingram and Cadet. He’ll beat Cadet at some point but it will be a while before Kamara is on the field enough to be relevant.
20 Reuben Foster LB N/A There is injury and behavioural risk here but the on field talent is not to be doubted. Chosen in the first round means he’ll be on the field asap.
21 Samaje Perine RB 0.41 Man, I hate his skills but LOVE where he went. He could be a second round find in dynasty rookie drafts, he’s the best RB on the roster today, even if he doesn’t start.
22 Kareem Hunt RB 0.69 Just like Perine, love where he went but not thrilled with his overall skills. That said, the opportunity is there and he could run away with it this year.
23 Myles Garrett DE N/A Hate that he went to a 3-4 defense but much like JJ Watt, I don’t think it’s going to matter.

Tier 4 – Role Players with Starter Upside Over Time and Starter Quality IDPs

24 Gerald Everett TE 1.32 Potentially playing the Jordan Reed role in Sean McVay’s offense should be enough to excite you. Everett has the athleticism and skills to deliver.
25 Zach Cunningham LB N/A as a 3-4 ILB in Houston, he should thrive. He’s got sideline to sideline capability and is a 3-down backer if I’ve ever seen one.
26 Adam Shaheen TE 1.28 Very unknown but if you check him out of youtube he looks like a man among boys. Will have every chance to succeed in Chicago, can be a late round steal in rookie drafts
27 Brian Hill RB 0.62 I like Hill’s skills (see what I did there?) but he’s stuck behind two great backs. If you like him and you have the slot, stash him and he will get a shot later on.
28 Jonnu Smith TE 1.12 Will take time to develop and isn’t in a great passing offense, but only has 34 yr old Delanie Walker in front of him and has great athleticism.
29 Jarrad Davis LB N/A Davis will start at Will or Mike immediately, depending on what the Lions want to do with him and Tahir Whitehead. Either way, he’ll be a playmaker.
30 Carlos Henderson WR 0.74 I see Denver using him in the slot, though that doesn’t mean much with a developing QB situation and Thomas and Sanders on the outside.
31 Jeremy McNichols RB 0.78 Honestly, I can see McNichols starting here in 2018. He’s worth the pick just for that prospect alone. While he’s not a pounder, he’s versatile for this offense.
32 Marlon Mack RB 0.53 I doubt Mack can be an every down back, though at 213 lbs. he’s no scatback either. I like him here learning behind Gore with a shot at developing into #1 in the future.
33 Raekwon McMillan LB N/A Not sure he’ll start right away in Miami with Lawrence Timmons, Kiko Alonso and Koa Misi there, but will be groomed to be MLB in 2018 and that is prime real estate.

Tier 5 – Role Players with Upside and Starting Quality IDPs

34 Taywan Taylor WR 0.98 With Davis picked at #5, Taylor is capped at WR2 for a while. He may not see the field much until Rishard Matthews is gone, depending on how Tajae Sharpe develops
35 Kenny Golladay WR 0.83 Love the landing spot with the Lions. He reminds me of a poor man’s AJ Green. A very poor man’s AJ Green. Tall and lanky, he could develop w/ Stafford slinging it to him
36 Jamal Adams S N/A I believe he will play strong safety and if he does it will be a great IDP opportunity. He will start right away and should develop quickly.
37 Cooper Kupp WR 0.49 Has a legitimate chance to develop into a WR1 with no established pecking order and a new offense. Worth a 3rd round flier
38 Derek Barnett DE N/A Lands in perfect situation as 4-3 DE in Philly.
39 Jabrill Peppers S N/A I don’t care if he doesn’t intercept the ball, he makes a ton of tackles and is very physical, that should bode well for his IDP prospects. He should start right way in CLE
40 Charles Harris DE N/A Will learn behind Cam Wake and William Hayes, but will be in the rotation and will start as soon as he’s ready. Another great landing spot for a 4-3 DE.
41 DeShone Kizer QB 1.21 He may start sooner than later in Cleveland but frankly that is a bad thing. He’s not ready for primetime and has no tools around him. I’d be shocked if he succeeds.
42 Haason Reddick LB N/A I believe he’ll be an OLB in the Cardinals 3-4 scheme. If so, that limits his IDP potential. If they move him inside, he’d have more tackles and more IDP relevance.
43 Taco Charlton DE N/A Lands in perfect situation as 4-3 DE in Dallas. They need help at end and he will provide it. I can see him in the rotation immediately and a starter next season.
44 Amara Darboh WR 0.47 Seahawks are not an offense that makes WRs sizzle, but Darboh can play a role in this offense and develop over time much like the rest of this WR Corps
45 Davis Webb QB 0.76 He could well be Eli’s successor, but it also may take more than his rookie contract to find out. A deep stash that becomes relevant in an injury situation

Tier 6 – Low-Tier Rookies with Upside and Starting Quality IDPs

46 Aaron Jones RB 0.65 Like the Packers as a landing spot but wow is it crowded in that backfield. Montgomery, Michael and 3 rookies? It’s a crapshoot on who rises to the top
47 Alex Anzalone LB N/A Super sleeper! The risk is injury as he was oft Injured at Florida, when he was on the field he was great though and the Saints need help at MLB
48 Trey Hendrickson DE N/A Like his landing spot in NO too. They have a DE slot to fight for across from Cam Jordan and over time, I believe Hendrickson wins that job.
49 Jamaal Williams RB 0.27 See Aaron Jones
50 Takkarist McKinley DE N/A Talks a great game. Only has Brooks Reed and Adrian Clayborn in front of him so could be starting if his feet are as good as his mouth.
51 Bucky Hodges TE 0.54 Will sit behind Kyle Rudolph for a bit but if Vikings go a lot of 2TE, has a shot to make a splash
52 Daeshon Hall DE N/A Nice landing spot in a 4-3 DE scheme in Carolina. Has a bunch of ancient men in front of him, Charles Johnson and Julius Peppers, so will be in the rotation early.
53 Josh Reynolds WR 0.46 Like Kupp, has legit shot to develop in this offense into something special, but with a young QB and coach, don’t get your hopes up too soon.
54 Jordan Leggett TE 0.43 Like that there is not much competition for Leggett with the Jets, don’t like that their offense will smell worse than limberger cheese that sat out of the fridge for two weeks

Tier 7 – The Best of The Rest

55 ArDarius Stewart WR 0.45 Plenty of opportunity with the Jets but with only Josh McCown to through to them, while he’s a gunslinger, he’s not a very good one.
56 Chad Hansen WR 0.34 See ArDarius Stewart
57 Chad Williams WR 0.83 The Cardinals chose him much higher than many expected, will he live up to that potential? I’m not sure, that’s why he’s here. Certainly there is room for a WR in Arizona
58 Malik Hooker S N/A Hooker’s upside will be capped if he plays free safety, usually not enough tackles to be relevant, that said, even at free safety he can be a solid performer
59 Carl Lawson DE N/A Will be in the rotation behind Carlos Dunlap and Michael Johnson but should develop into a quality starter sooner rather than later.
60 Jake Butt TE 0.41 This class is too deep to cover in 60 spots! If you don’t mind holding Butt (yes, I said it) for a year, he could be a quality starter in the future


61 James Connor RB 0.34 Not particularly impressed with his DMX score nor his situation behind Le’Veon Bell. Although, with a Bell injury or further suspension?
61 Adoree Jackson CB/WR N/A As a CB he’s good, if you have offensive scoring points for defensive players in your league, he plays a little WR too and could make him more valuable
62 Soloman Thomas DE N/A Was picked very high but hard to see him being an elite IDP force at 3-4 end in the Niners scheme.
63 Tim Williams LB N/A Again, could be a great NFL star with the Ravens some day but very little chance at 3-4 OLB he’ll have a long climb to IDP relevance
64 Robert Davis WR 0.58 Had to put him here, out of Georgia State he’s going to take time to develop but love landing spot in WAS and he is a tremendous athlete. Could be a super sleeper.
65 TJ Watt LB N/A He could be great, he could not be great. At 3-4 OLB he most likely won’t be all that relevant.
66 Budda Baker S N/A Will sit behind some quality safeties in Arizona but has the skill to develop into a great one himself
67 Justin Evans S N/A Don’t think he’ll start right away but with only Chris Conte and JJ Wilcox in front of him, he’ll be starting sooner rather than later.
68 Josh Dobbs QB 0.54 With all the talk of Big Ben retiring, this may not be a bad place to start out. He’ll have plenty of time to develop either way, which is good.
69 David Moore WR 0.22 Much like Robert Davis, he’s a small school, big bodied WR with great athleticism.
70 Ryan Switzer WR 0.22 Slot reciever has been relevent in Dallas from time to time. I wouldn’t draft him but he’d be a solid FA stash
71 Nathan Peterman QB 0.36 Peterman finds himself in Buffalo where Tyrod Taylor has a one year out and Cardale Jones is his only competition to the #2 job. Another great QB stash in deep leagues

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