2017 Dynasty Rookie Draft Guide is Here!

Version 1 of our 2017 Dynasty Rookie Draft Guide is now on the site and ready for you. If you haven’t seen yet, we’re introducing the 2017 Dynasty Rookie Draft Guide as a new premium membership area of DynastyFootballFan.com.

The Dynasty Rookie Draft Guide uses our proprietary database of statistics unmatched in the dynasty content world. Members will have access to premium content on the site as well as access to the 2017 Dynasty Rookie Draft Guide JUST PUBLISHED. This premium area will base much of it’s content on the metric that I’ve developed that I call Dynasty MetriX (DMX).  This represents a quantitative approach to evaluating NFL rookies built on Dynasty Football Fan’s revolutionary database of statistics going back to 2001. Offensive skill positions are evaluated on 23 metrics and ranked based on:

  • Athleticism Scores including speed, agility, power and strength – 10 metrics evaluated and combined into four powerful scores that relate to a prospects athleticism from combine or pro-day performance
  • Market value of draft position – Market value is an important consideration in evaluating prospects. Why do we incorporate draft position? NFL teams go to extreme lengths to vet these players and understand and rank their value to the team and then choose accordingly. Imbedded in that choice (and therefore that draft position) is both a very real approximation of the value of the player and a ton of research that goes well beyond the layperson’s capabilities. NFL teams have armies of security people, scouts, coaches, player personnel directors scouring every piece of information available for each player in the draft.
  • Age-weighted production including yardage and TDs – 12 metrics evaluated including rushing, receiving and combined yardage and TD performance in relation to your team’s total performance on the same metrics.  All of this is then age-weighted to show identify great performance by young prospects.

For only $9.99 you get an exclusive premium section filled with database-focused content on DynastyFootballFan.com.  You will also have access to the 2017 Dynasty Rookie Draft Guide which provides 26 pages of statistical output on rookies that will help you dominate your draft, win consistently and stay on top of your league for the long term.  The draft guide includes:

  • Rookie DMX scores compared to historic rookies back to 2001 (16 years!)
  • Position by Position Draft Strategies
  • Draft Class Strength
  • Historical Rookie Hit Rates
  • Complete Rookie Rankings and Commentary
  • Updated Post-Combine, Pre-Draft & Post-Draft

The 2017 Dynasty Rookie Draft Guide is now online and will continue to be updated through the NFL draft process as pro-days and the NFL draft unfold. Version 1 includes 2016 college production for all draft eligible offensive rookies, combine performance for all offensive prospects that attended and 7-round mock draft results.  As pro days continue I will update the guide before the NFL draft and then a final guide will be provided after the NFL draft, once all information is available.

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